Santa Margarita Lake 2010

      What follows are pictures of Santa Margarita Lake
and the KOA campgrounds with their new lodges (complete with bathrooms and showers).

View looking towards White Oak (where we usually go)

These are the boats we can rent.

White Oak Boat Ramp - note that where we parked last time is under water!

The Kid's Cove

The Kid's Cove from the other side

Driving into the KOA - your lodge under the trees.

Front of the lodge

Front porch and looking in the door.  The white thing is the queen size bed.
 BTW you need to bring your own linens, or I can come up with some for you.

View from inside the door.  Bathroom to left, double bunks to right but not showing - they are
back in a little alcove.

Looking into the bunks in the little alcove.

Another view of the main room, looking into the bathroom.

Shower in bathroom

Looking out the windows

Play area for kid (jungle jim in the background

Swimming Pool

One of the older cabins that are just beds - some are very close to the bathrooms and showers
though and are cheaper, just for your reference.

This is the biggest lodge with bedrooms on either end, full kitchen and living room,
even a bit of an upstairs I think.  Pretty cool.

The end!

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