Flourishing Earth Project
All people flourish
in a flourishing natural world


A Project of the Orion Institute
in cooperation with the Collins Foundation Press and The Wisdom Centered Life

Collins Foundation Press Humanity Books

The Chimpanzees Who Would Be Ants

The Evolution of Religion: Studies, Theories & Critiques
The Evolutionary Epic: Science's Story & Humanity's Response

Science, Wisdom,
and the Future:
Humanities Quest for a Flourishing Earth
(Coming Soon)

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Orion Institute
The Institute's various projects focus on a range of world-views and the way forward to a positive future for humanity, within the context of an interconnected world and a vast and perplexing universe.


Cheryl Genet, Ph.D.:  OrionProjects@msn.com

Richard Trowbridge, Ph.D.:  rht@wisdomcenteredlife.org

We hope you will join us on our blog and on Facebook as soon as they are launched.

You may also visit the Collins Foundation Press website where we are offering a terrific celebration sale on all our books in anticipation of our upcoming "Science, Wisdom, & the Future: Humanity's Quest for a Flourishing Earth conference book.

Visit the Orion Institute home page for information on its
Life Long Learning Adventures--Exploring scientific and spiritual cosmologies as step in the understanding required to fulfill the vision of a flourishing Earth.

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